Body Work & Paint


Our highly skilled fabricators can fabricate any panel from steel or aluminium and fit efficiently and seamlessly. The lead loading, gapping and profiling are performed to exquisite detail with years of experience on all marques. Examples of our work can only really be appreciated in the flesh and we welcome you to drop in any time.

Re Spray:

Confusingly the estimates you will receive for a respray will vary from £250 to >£10,000. Our thoughts are "it is unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little".
Achieving the desired finish in a respray takes time, knowledge and skill. The parts and surfaces need to be prepared properly and any corrosion treated. Some garages will do a "cheap respray" however at Creed and Shore we deliver a faultless finish at great value. We have different approaches and paint options to suit any budget and expectation .

Bare Metal:

Taking a car back to bare metal can reveal underlying corrosion and previous repairs. The treatment of which can safe guard from future paint issues. A well documented bare metal re spray can add value, peace of mind and a lasting result.

  • Body panel fabrication
  • Aluminium and steel
  • Seamless and accurate body and chassis repairs
  • Corrosion / rust treatment
  • Scuffs, scrapes and scratches
  • Dull paint rejuvenation
  • Dent repair without filler material